Ten Year Warranty


6.4 KWH (DOD90%: 5,76 KWH) WITH 6000 CYCLES

6.4kWh Lithium Battery
5.44kWh Usable @ 85% DoD
6500 Cycles @ 85% DoD
3.6kW Nominal Discharge
4.8kW Peak Discharge

The LG RESU 6.4 is an Energy Storage System with 6.4kWhr of lithium ion cells rated to 6000 cycles or more. The unit is capable of putting out 4.8kW of peak power and can be expanded by using 3.2kWh modules. This allows for a maximum rating of 12.8kWh. With an extremely high energy density and stylish enclosure, LG will also compete on aesthetics with other products such as Tesla’s Powerwall.

Sungrow Hybrid Inverter

The Sungrow SH5K hybrid inverter offers a host of features for your battery storage solution whilst remaining affordable. Installation of a solar power system with the Sungrow SH5K hybrid inverter and a suitably sized battery bank can save up to 70% of your electricity blls.

The Sungrow SH5K allows you to control when the energy stored in your battery is discharged and can also intelligently control household appliances such electric water heaters or pumps turning them on and off when there is sufficient solar energy to meet the energy requirements. The Sungrow Hybrid also comes with battery backup functionality.

The Sungrow SH5K is compatible with the following batteries:

  • LG Chem RESU 6.4 EX
  • Quality lead acid

You can easily monitor the performance and health of the batteries and the amount of power being fed into batteries / electricity grid by viewing the LCD screen on the front of the inverter or the Sungrow SH5K can be connected to your home Wi-FI for remote monitoring via the free Sungrow SolarInfo Moni app.